1,000 Places to See Before You Die Review

TITLE: 1,000 Places to See Before You Die
AUTHOR: Patricia Schultz
GENRE: Non-Fiction, Travel 


Around the World, continent by continent, here is the best the world has to offer: 1,000 places guaranteed to give travelers the shivers. Sacred ruins, grand hotels, wildlife preserves, hilltop villages, snack shacks, castles, festivals, reefs, restaurants, cathedrals, hidden islands, opera houses, museums, and more. Each entry tells exactly why it’s essential to visit. Then come the nuts and bolts: addresses, websites, phone and fax numbers, best times to visit. Stop dreaming and get going.

This hefty volume reminds vacationers that hot tourist spots are small percentage of what’s worth seeing out there. A quick sampling: Venice’s Cipriani Hotel; California’s Monterey Peninsula; the Lewis and Clark Trail in Oregon; the Great Wall of China; Robert Louis Stevenson’s home in Western Samoa; and the Alhambra in Andalusia, Spain. Veteran travel guide writer Schultz divides the book geographically, presenting a little less than a page on each location. Each entry lists exactly where to find the spot (e.g. Moorea is located “12 miles/19 km northwest of Tahiti; 10 minutes by air, 1 hour by boat”) and when to go (e.g., if you want to check out The Complete Fly Fisher hotel in Montana, “May and Sept.-Oct. offer productive angling in a solitary setting”). This is an excellent resource for the intrepid traveler. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc. | Read more at Goodreads.com

A Must Have in Every Wanderer’s Library

More than a decade after I received it, this still remains one of the very best gifts I’ve ever received. Even better than the Barbie Beach Bus I got from Santa on my seventh Christmas, because it continues to give…and give…and give.

Originally published back in 2003, and updated in 2015, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die is an outstanding bucket list resource for insatiable wanderers. Not long after I first peeled the wrapping paper off of it in 2006, I threw my anal retention to the wind and left the itinerary of a celebratory wander entirely up to Patricia Schultz. This was no easy feat for me—and one of my better life decisions to date.

After perusing her every must-see destination, we finally settled on Gallon Jug and Ambergris Caye in Belize and Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. I even booked her suggested accommodations without conducting a single investigation. Our week in Belize was split between the secluded Chan Chich Jungle Lodge and Nature Reserve in Gallon Jug and the remote reef front Journey’s End resort [now closed] in Ambergris Caye. In Costa Rica, we spent seven days diving deeper into the rainforest at the magical Lapa Rios Ecolodge and the oceanfront Corcovado Tent Camp. Not only did each of these places deliver far beyond my expectations, but they sparked a love affair with Central America that is still hot and heavy to this day.

Grab 1,000 Places to See Before You Die for yourself—and give it to the special wanderers in your life. If you are hungry for more—or prefer to stick to U.S. soil—grab 1,000 Places to See in the U.S. and Canada!

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