Best Adventurous Motorcycle Roads in the US

by Kiara Wilson | Motorcycle House

There’s a wide range of motorcycle roads in the US, from beach view routes, snow-peaked mountains, and open farm country to small towns and big cities. You name it! If you’re a riding enthusiast, there is so much in store for you in this country. You will enjoy riding some of the most breathtaking and adventurous routes in the world, going through semi-arid areas, sand dunes, and, of course, the Rocky Mountains. You’ll never run out of areas to explore in the U.S. Here are some of the greatest motorcycle roads in the U.S. that guarantee real adventure.

1. Pacific Highway, California

Pacific Highway, officially known as California State Route 1, is considered one of the most breathtaking motorcycle roads in the U.S. It stretches from Orange County in the south all the way to Mendocino County to the north, with the most notable part passing through Big Sur. This trail is 123 miles in length and hugs beautiful cliffs when you reach the coastline of central California. It has sharp drop-offs, heavy fog, and hairpin turns, making for a most adventurous experience. The two-lane highway demands that you keep your eyes on the road, as you pass by distracting scenes of redwoods, million-dollar mansions, and crushing waves. Because of the challenges you’ll face on this route, including sizable temperature changes, it’s crucial to use proper motorcycle gear for your safe journey.

Best Adventurous Motorcycle Roads in the US |


2. Beartooth Highway, Montana & Wyoming

Mention a great motorcycle route to a rider and they will likely think about Beartooth Highway. It’s one of the most adventurous routes, stretching between Cooke City and Red Lodge, Montana. Here you will have to overcome the challenges of steep roads with amazing zigzags, as well as switchbacks. You’ll reach an elevation of 10,947 feet at the Beartooth Pass and twist through glaciers and Rocky Mountains. Because of the harsh weather conditions, the route is sometimes closed, being generally open from mid-May to mid-October. So do not forget to take your essential belongings with you!

Best Adventurous Motorcycle Roads in the US |


3. Skyline Drive, Georgia

With about 75 overlooks peering out into Piedmont (to the west side) and the Shenandoah Valley (to the East Side), Skyline Drive attracts over two million visitors every year. It’s most popular in the Fall, when the leaves start to change, and is full of wildlife and steep curves to make your riding experience more exciting. You will come across black bears, white-tailed deer, and wild turkey along this stunning route, which extends 105 miles from north to south.

Best Adventurous Motorcycle Roads in the US |


4. Pig Trail Scenic Byway, Arkansas

The 19-mile Pig Trail Scenic Byway has beautiful drop-offs, steep hills, and switchbacks that cut through the famous Ozark National Forest. Some say the trail is named after the University of Arkansas football team, while others claim it comes from the resemblance of the curvy road to a pig’s tail and the many hogs that roam the region. You will ride along the heavily wooded Boston Mountains and experience magnificent views of wildflowers blooming and numerous camping sites, where you can relax and unwind so you’re ready to take on the next day.

Best Adventurous Motorcycle Roads in the US |


5. San Juan Sky, Colorado

It would be correct to say that the charms of Colorado have for a long time attracted riders looking for an adventurous experience. Having earned its spot in the best trails in the U.S., this scenic 233-mile trail stretches through the southwest of Colorado at the San Juan Mountains. The looping road will bring you through ski resorts, historic mining camps, and a number of National Parks. There are many drop-offs on the way, as well as constant ascents, descents, and S-curves.

If you know of more adventurous motorcycle roads in the US, do share in a comment!

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