1203, 2010

TRAVEL THERAPY #11: It’s Time to Find My Place

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TRAVEL THERAPY #11 It's Time to Find My Place I didn't have a specific intention before I left for my week in Sydney, but the city quickly set one for me—to find my place. “Once you’ve examined your needs for travel, consider the places that most help you fulfill the aim. [...]

2004, 2010

TRAVEL THERAPY #12—Don’t Pray for This Glutton for Food

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TRAVEL THERAPY #12 This Glutton for Food is Unrepentant Four solid days of eating in New York City has me considering the possibility that I may be a glutton for food. “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” | GEORGE BERNARD SHAW My latest wander took my love of [...]

2611, 2017

TRAVEL THERAPY 31: Lessons Learned & Introvert Insights

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Travel Therapy #31 Introvert Insights & Lessons Learned At 50 years and 7 months of age, I willingly volunteered myself for a 13 day social experiment. I wanted to see what would happen if I, a highly independent introvert, went on a structured hiking tour of the Canadian Rockies with 13 [...]

1509, 2018

Fostering Spiritual Growth when Traveling

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Travel as a Tool for Spiritual Growth Can travel foster spiritual awakening, healing and spiritual growth? Absolutely! If travel is already a passion for you, chances are you already know the importance of a rich spiritual life. Indeed, a top reason why so many people travel is the wish to [...]