19 11, 2017

CANADA: Hiking Tour of the Canadian Rockies

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CANADA: Hiking Tour of the Canadian Rockies Why would I, a hardcore introvert who doesn't like to be told what to do, choose to go on a hiking tour of the Canadian Rockies with two guides and 10 strangers? As a result of 22 years in the suburbs and a decade smack in the middle [...]

31 08, 2016

5 Places to Get the Best Brunch in Brooklyn

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 5 Places to Get the Best Brunch in Brooklyn by Helen Nichols | well-beingsecrets.com  Brunch in Brooklyn is a SERIOUS business to any true Brooklynite, so choosing the right spot for your dining experience is key. Luckily, I’ve been exploring the Brooklyn brunch scene for a while now and I can give you few valuable tips. Here [...]

16 08, 2016

Bali Tips for First Timers

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Bali Tips for First Timers I had been fantasizing about wandering to Bali with my French "family" for quite some time, so on my last visit to France, I finally popped the question: “How about we go to Bali together this summer?,” I asked my adopted sister. The look on her face told me the game was [...]

10 02, 2016

10 of the Coolest Things to Do in San Diego

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10 of the Coolest Things to Do in San Diego Whether you're a visitor or a local, I recommend that you go to the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, and one (or more) of our awesome beaches. But, afterwards, I encourage you to veer off the beaten path. Here is my first list of 10 of the coolest things to [...]

5 12, 2015

FRANCE: Laduree Macarons

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Laduree Macarons Sure, you can get a real French macaron all over the place in France. But, there's something extra special about Laduree macarons. Maybe the fashionable Parisian matrons sipping tea and delightful French families with their well-dressed (and even better behaved) children or the mind blowing coffee have something to do with it.  If you've never had [...]

31 08, 2015

BELIZE: Mexico Rocks and Bacalar Chico Tour

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BELIZE: Mexico Rocks and Bacalar Chico Tour My boyfriend nailed my 48th birthday. It's entirely likely that this year's gift—a Bacalar Chico tour and snorkeling in Mexico Rocks—may never be beat. Two local guides who knew where the BBQ was, a tiny boat, fishing poles, our hats, strong sunscreen, one Transderm Scop patch, and a plan to catch our [...]

8 07, 2015

ABC Tips on Visiting BELIZE

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ABC Tips on Visiting Belize I have wandered to Belize numerous times, visiting both the rainforest and the reef. I adore this place—the landscape, the people, the climate, the food, and the cocktails! Since I have a thing with ABCs, I'm sharing my tips on visiting Belize with you alphabetically. Enjoy—and, don't hesitate to contact me with any [...]

2 06, 2015

BELIZE: Colorful Caye Caulker Tips

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BELIZE: Colorful Caye Caulker Tips FINALLY!!! I got to do Belize exactly MY way. Until this latest wander, I had always come with my kids and/or ex-husband, which involved major sacrifices. My guy is neither skiddish or snobby, so I booked an Airbnb on the colorful island of Caye Caulker. I'm sharing several Caye Caulker tips Caye Caulker is a tiny [...]

3 02, 2015

ABC Tips on Visiting FRANCE

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ABC Tips on Visiting France Since 1997, I have traveled to France numerous times to visit my French family. I have yet to visit le Louvre (admittedly embarrassing), because I have not visited France like a tourist, but with the French. (Yes, the locals visit the Eiffel Tower!) Of course, I had to share my tips on visiting France in [...]

3 02, 2015

FRANCE: Seeing Paris by Boat or Bus

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 Seeing Paris by Boat or Bus It's a rare occasion that I surrender to any tour that is not preceded by the word "Food." However, I make a wholehearted exception to both the Bateaux Mouches and the double decker bus tours of Paris. Seeing Paris by boat or bus gives you a fabulous overview of the city, so you can get do a much [...]