16 01, 2024

Top Destinations for Family Travel and Their Visa Requirements

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Top Destinations for Family Travel and Their Visa Requirements Family trips are more than just vacations. They are the bookmarks of our lives, embedding fond memories and deeper connections. Exploring a new locale, absorbing its culture, and stepping out of our comfort zone with our loved ones by our side creates an unparalleled bond. However, [...]

16 08, 2016

INDONESIA: Bali Tips for First Timers

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Bali Tips for First Timers Are you about going to Bali for the first time? If so, then this post is definitely for you. It's packed with Bali tips for first timers that will definitely shrink the odds of a catastrophe and possibly save a life. Seriously. Here's how my first trip to Bali came about... I [...]

8 03, 2010

AUSTRALIA: Things to Do for a Week in Sydney

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 AUSTRALIA: A Week in Sydney  Why, yes, I think I will join my husband for a week in Sydney! God bless my brother-in-law for holding down our two-kid fort so I can wander once more. DAY 1—Flight to Sydney One of the countless reasons I am so passionate about travel is that you always come back [...]

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