16 08, 2016

Bali Tips for First Timers

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Bali Tips for First Timers I had been fantasizing about wandering to Bali with my French "family" for quite some time, so on my last visit to France, I finally popped the question: “How about we go to Bali together this summer?,” I asked my adopted sister. The look on her face told me the game was [...]

8 03, 2010

AUSTRALIA: A Week in Sydney

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 AUSTRALIA: A Week in Sydney  Why, yes, I think I will join my husband for a week in Sydney! God bless my brother-in-law for holding down our two-kid fort so I can wander once more. DAY 1—Flight to Sydney One of the countless reasons I am so passionate about travel is that you always come back [...]

1 07, 2007

CANADA: A Quebec Family Vacation

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 CANADA: Quebec Family Vacation France is Closer Than You Think At first, you might question my sanity at having exchanged a week in our tropical timeshare in Belize for a Quebec family vacation. But, there is some logic to it. Our [mostly] sweet nine year old daughter has a penchant for princess-dom. And, at 13, her big [...]