Climbing the Arc de Triomphe

While I’m one to favor the less beaten path, I would be remiss if I didn’t urge you to see the Arc de Triomphe while in Paris. Even better — CLIMBING the Arc de Triomphe!

You mustn’t simply gaze at it from afar. Or stroll around the base. You really must climb to the top. That’s where you’ll find the icing—a sweeping view of the city and an incredible photographic opportunity. The chances are also high that you’ll encounter a long line at the Arc—trust me, it’s a worthy investment.

The spiral stairs are steep and narrow and I’d rate the climb as moderate. While on top, you can’t miss the Champs Elysee and le Tour Eiffel. Look a bit harder and you’ll spot Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame. Take a moment to acknowledge the bravery (or insanity?) of those driving on the boulevard that encircles the Arc.

Take your time. Savor it. Photograph it. When you return to the street, reward yourself with an authentic macaron from Ladurée a short walk up Champs Elysee!

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Photos of Climbing the Arc de Triomphe
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