Planning a Lakefront Camping Trip

If you are looking for a great place to get away from it all and enjoy the sun and fun by the water without spending a lot of money, then a lakefront camping trip may be just the thing for you.

Here’s some helpful information to consider if you plan a camping trip — with some extra tips if you’re in the central Texas lakefront area.


While there are many lakes in the central Texas area, not all of them offer camping facilities. Check out the websites associated with the lakes to find out what, if any, camping sites they have available and to learn about things to do on and around the lakes.

Another valuable resource for this information is the Lakefront Group. They have been handling real estate in the area for quite some time and are familiar with all of the perks of the lakes and the communities that surround them.


Campsites are almost always off the beaten path. That’s often the point. When registering for a campsite, be sure that they provide you with a map or exact GPS coordinates so you can find your way there.

Clothing & Packs

When packing clothing for your trip, be sure to include warmer clothes for evening activities and swimwear for water fun.

Try not to overpack. It’s best if you can fit everything you need, including clothing, bug protection (you are definitely going to want to include this in your packing list), sunscreen, and toilet paper into a single pack, especially if you will be hiking from your car to the campsite.

Other Essentials

There will be things you need to take with you that will not fit into a backpack. Things like chairs or hammocks, food, lighting, cooking equipment, and drinking water will have to be brought in with you as well.

It may be best to pack as much of this as possible into a large, wheeled cooler. You can pull that along with you and use it to safely store food, out of the reach of four-legged or six-legged thieves, once you have unpacked it.

Bathroom Basics

If you are not a frequent camper, you may not be aware that many tent campgrounds do not offer bathroom facilities. This means you will have to relieve yourself in the great outdoors.

You and the others in your group should decide on a general area to be used as a bathroom area. It should be out of sight but not too far from your site. Always be aware of the location of other campsites, trails, or the waterfront to avoid being accidentally seen while taking care of your business.

Be Safe on Your Lakefront Camping Trip!

Be aware of the unique dangers presented by being outdoors and away from easy access to medical professionals. Learn about the wildlife in the area you will be staying in and how to avoid confrontations with them.

Always use approved safety equipment, including life vests, when boating or waterskiing, and don’t forget to bring a fully stocked first aid kit. It is also a good idea to keep your phone fully charged and know where to get reception, even if the point of the trip is to get off the grid.

Follow these few simple steps and you are ready for a great lakefront camping adventure!

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