A Breath of Fresh San Diego Date Ideas

Whether you’re going on a first date, you’re in the throes of a passionate new romance, or you’re half of a seasoned couple keeping that flame burning hot, never forget—”Love is a verb…you gotta go do it! ” This is the solid belief behind my other website—DateOxygenwhich is your source of fresh San Diego date ideas.

My goal is to encourage local and visiting couples to ditch the chains and explore the unique side of San Diego together. You not only bond more with a place when you patronize its small local businesses, but your relationship gets a boost from the creation of special memories as well.

Having lived in America’s Finest City since 1985, I already had a bunch of fresh date ideas floating aimlessly in my head. I decided to take on the role of “Date Guru” and dig up more, figure out ways to make them extra special, and disperse them with all the details to relieve daters of all the work.

At the time of this post, 40 fresh dates were posted—including romantic rendezvous and spicy trysts, active expeditions and relaxing outings, grunge dates and formal affairs, and more.

Daters can search the date-a-base by location, duration, cost, vibe, and more. Each date includes a map, all instructions and directions, plus romantic and practical tips. Dates can be emailed to your smart phone so everything is at your fingertips before, during, and after your date.

If you’re living in, or visiting, the San Diego area, stop by and choose your very own fresh date!