Have You Ever Dined Underground at Supper Clubs?

There are so many places to wander—to a country or city you’ve not yet been, to vibrant neighborhoods in your favorite metropolis, to the kitchens of total strangers in your own home town. That’s right—a stranger’s kitchen. It’s easier than you think thanks to the super cool concept of underground dining, which takes place in supper clubs or “guestaurants.”

I was feeling bored and a little lonely one night and, rather than wallow in it, I decided to be proactive. As I tried to figure out some cool things to do in my neighborhood, I remember an email I had just received. Something about secret dining. I dug it up and RSVP’d.

The result was a fun evening in the home of Rochelle, a bubbly foodie who shares her passion for food with a mix of friends and strangers. No, this is not some wacky hobby of strange people—it’s a legit activity of foodies and the eaters who adore them.

Also known as “underground dining,” “closed door restaurants,” or “guestaurants”, supper clubs blend the concept of a restaurant and a social club. They’re usually in someone’s home and are essentially a private dinner party that you pay to attend.

Some are themed—most leave each event up to the individual host. The price typically ranges anywhere from $20 to $60. 

Rochelle didn’t beckon strangers off the street or lure them from the aisles of the neighborhood grocery store—she posted her dinner in a Meetup. Because I am a plate carrying member of Secret Dining Hub and San Diego’s Uptown Supper Club, an invitation landed in my Inbox. 

Here is the menu…

Underground Dining — Supper Clubs, or Guestaurants | TheWanderingHousewife.com

After a cucumber fresco margarita, I was treated to baked corn polenta, marinated mushrooms, gluten free black bean soup, vegan red bean chili, sweet potato tacos, and Indian eggplant chili burritos.

I savored this amazing AND healthy vegan meal in the company of a retired high school teacher, a passionate vegan, a real estate agent in training, Sasha the cat, and, of course, our hostess, Rochelle.

And, it was an incredible deal—for $20, not only did I get a tasty cocktail and delicious dinner, but fresh conversation as well.

Head over to Meetup or Google to find supper clubs in your city—and, be sure and come back to share your experience in a comment!