19 11, 2017

CANADA: Hiking Tour of the Canadian Rockies

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Hiking Tour of the Canadian Rockies Why would I, a hardcore introvert who doesn't like to be told what to do, choose to go on a hiking tour of the Canadian Rockies with two guides and 10 strangers? As a result of 22 years in the suburbs and a decade smack in the middle of [...]

1 07, 2007

CANADA: A Quebec Family Vacation

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 CANADA: A Quebec Family Vacation France is Closer Than You Think At first, you might question my sanity at having exchanged a week in our tropical timeshare in Belize for a Quebec family vacation. But, there is some logic to it. Our (mostly) sweet nine year old daughter has a penchant for princess-dom. And, at 13, her big bro [...]

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