29 02, 2012

One Butt, Two Butts…Old Butts, New Butts

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European Coed Spas "One Butt, Two Butts...Old Butts, New Butts" "I just drop it???," I whispered as I clutched my towel around my naked self. (Smile) "Yeessss," he whispered back as he nonchalantly spread his across the cedar bench. The last time I voluntarily bared an intimate part of my body in front of strange men was [...]

27 01, 2012

The Top Five German Stereotypes

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The Top Five German Stereotypes I'm not proud to admit that for my first 42 years, I bought in to most of the negative German stereotypes. It's the unconscious reason that Germany never ranked very high on my Wanderlist. In my defense, we Americans still get bombarded with a hefty dose of negative German stereotypes and history—starting with [...]

26 12, 2011

Christmas in Germany

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Christmas in Germany (Weihnachten in Deutschland) As my quiet American Christmas came to a close, I decided to give myself a present—time to do something I'd been wanting to do without a thought to anyone else's needs or the perceived importance of my desire. I wanted to know more about Christmas in Germany just because. I have been [...]

9 12, 2010

GERMANY: The Beauty of Munich at Christmas Time

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Munich at Christmas Time is Bucket List Worthy  I had four compelling reasons to wander to Munich at Christmas last year: To feed my starvation for seasons with a feast of snow To place a check by “Munich’s Christkindlmarkts” in my 1,000 Places to See Before You Die book To travel back in time to a [...]

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