28 05, 2010

HAWAII: Maui vs Kauai

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HAWAII: Maui vs Kauai Maui vs Kauai is kind of like comparing ice cream vs cake — they're both delicious and it's really a matter of personal preference. Some people swear by Maui,  others wouldn't go anywhere but Kauai. Your spirit will make the decision for you. Mine definitely did. Before this trip, I'd already been to [...]

10 09, 2009

HAWAII: A Solo Trip to Kauai

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HAWAII: A Solo Trip to Kauai This stressed out mom needed a break. I needed time to finish incomplete thoughts and entertain new ones that were forcing their way in. My husband was practically pushing me out the door in the hopes that he would get his formerly sane wife back. Where to go for a [...]