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I found something cool and I want to share it with you—it’s called “Try the World” and this is my official and most delicious Try the World review.

Mostly, I love being a grown up. But, there’s one thing I positively, definitely, absolutely miss. Remember the I-can’t-sleep anticipation and rip-the-wrapping-off joy of all those birthday and Christmas or Hanukkah presents?

Sure, most of us are fortunate enough to be able to treat ourselves to some of our own treats these days, but it’s not even close to being the same. There’s no anticipatory surprise…or silky red bow.

Well, guess what? I found a purveyor of delicious anticipation, joyful (edible) surprises…and perfect red bows!

For just $39.00 per box, Try The World will gather several international delicacies, wrap them up in a bright teal box, tie a giant red bow around it, and mail it to you…every other month. It’s like being a kid again!

My first Try The World box—the Special Holiday Edition—arrived several days ago. I called forth 47 years of willpower and prolonged the anticipation of opening it until I could savor the experience in post-Thanksgiving peace and solitude.

I must say, it sure was a tad smaller than I expected…

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

The moment I had been anticipating arrived today! My visiting twin brothers and boyfriend recently departed, my ailing teenage daughter lying prostrate in her bed upstairs, and my fluffy white dog all pottied out and dozing on the couch, I headed to my dining table with scissors and camera in hand. It was time to have some much deserved and uninterrupted fun…

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

It took more self control to pull out only one treasure at a time, read the enclosed booklet that explained exactly what I was holding, and take all these pretty pictures. Here’s the gift-by-gift replay…with descriptions by Try The World and my very own digestive conclusions:

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

  • Truffle Products by Urbani Tartufi“Truffles have been revered for their rarity and complex flavor for ages, and Urbani Tartufi has long been associated with the finest Italian tasting truffles. Sample the exquisite flavor of black truffle oil in your cooking, and the sweet yet earthy pairing of truffle flakes embedded in rich chocolate.” 

    Digestive Conclusion: The two chocolate truffles, a dark and a white, threw my taste buds into an uneasy state of confusion similar to the time I first nibbled chocolate covered bacon. They settled back into place upon tossing some French fries with the truffle oil.

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

  • Ginger Swedish Thins (AKA Pepparkakor) by Anna’s“Most easily understood as a Scandinavian take on the gingersnap, Pepparkakor’s thin, crispy texture and spicy, sweet flavor have established it as a traditional Swedish holiday cookie. Founded in 1929, Anna’s Pepparkakor has since been recognized for its world-class flavor and appointed Purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden.”My Digestive Conclusion: I have deep gratitude for Anna Karlsson of Stockholm AND butter—for, without them, my life would be lacking. Crispy, slightly spicy, with the richness of real butter, these cookies are the bomb—especially when eaten with coffee or hot chocolate. For the remainder of my Christmases, I will make a single exception to a cardinal rule and include pepparkakors on my plate of homemade holiday cookies.

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

  • Fine teas by Le Palais Des Thés“Le Palais des Thés combines the allure of the Orient with the panache of French tea culture. Enjoyed hot or cold, these fragrant teas are far more than a beverage – they are perfume in a cup, a journey for all senses. Using warm spices and winter fruits, the three flavors in the Holiday Box have been carefully selected to evoke memories of the holidays.” My Digestive Conclusion: When it comes to all things edible, it is useless to doubt the French. Despite being enclosed in bags, each of the three teas—a naturally sweet vanilla rooibos, a spiced apple black, and a light and refreshing black blend whose wrapper was efficiently whisked off to the trash before I took notes—was thoroughly delightful and worthy of brewing in this tea snob’s cup.

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

  • Mini Diet Doce de Leche Spread by Doces São Lourenço“Doce de Leite is a sweet, milky Brazilian spread by Doces São Lourenço. This trifecta includes a selection of three popular flavors to accommodate a variety of uses for holiday baking. Try it on toast, crepes, ice cream, or fruit. Be creative!”My Digestive Conclusion: I will make the logical assumption that the people over at Doces São Lourenço ran out of the regular variety before they got to my box. This would explain the horrifying presence of a “diet” sweet in my Heavenly box. While I appreciate their attempt to assuage me, and I would definitely recommend this as a consolation for diabetics, the only sweeteners this ex-housewife approves of come from a bee or a cane.

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

  • Traditional Dutch Waffles by Rip Van Wafels“The stroopwafel is a traditional Dutch treat that most travelers to the Netherlands are familiar with. One cannot seriously imagine a proper koffietijd – a Dutch mid-morning coffee breat – without it! Imagine yourself on a terrace in Amsterdam, overlooking the canals and the narrow brick houses, and put your waffle on your hot drink to warm up its gooey filling.”My Digestive Conclusion: Maybe the bar is much lower for snacks in Amsterdam given the constantly heightened demand for munchies. That would explain these odd cookies. Covered in a layer of fine crumbs, they never fulfilled their promise to soften if placed over my cup of latté and didn’t pack enough of a punch to make up for it.

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

  • Powdered Hot Chocolate by Les Confitures à l’Ancienne“Only the finest cocoa beans are used to create this traditional powdered chocolate, selected from renowned provenances and carefully roasted to bring out the rich natural aroma of the tropics. Powerfully flavorful, the richness of its body yields undertones of fruitiness, which blend with Bourbon vanilla for a subtle and smooth finish.”My Digestive Conclusion: Holy Chocolate—this stuff is DIVINE!!! My aforementioned culinary conclusion regarding the French stands firm. “Powdered Hot Chocolate” is a descriptive affront to this mind-blowing concoction. There will be no more Hershey’s in this household. Period.

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

  • Chocolate by Favarger“Using luxurious cocoa and pure Swiss milk, Favarger has been concocting this authentic, creamy indulgence since 1826. One of the oldest brands of Swiss chocolate still in production today, it remains Geneva’s most famous chocolate manufacturer. Suited for every palate, this sampler includes all four flavors of Favarger’s finest.”My Digestive Conclusion: I have yet to prove the existence of a bad chocolate. But, there most definitely is disappointing chocolate. Lacking in intensity and flavor, with a slightly waxy consistency, this chocolate left me thoroughly befuddled. I didn’t see that one coming from the Swiss.

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

  • The Mystery Treat is Geleia de Pêssego by Reserva de Minas.“Because we believe every holiday gift should contain an element of surprise, we have included a mystery seasonal product from another country. All of our treats are curated with your cultural experience in mind, and we hope this surprise brings you a little bit of international magic.”My Digestive Conclusion: What a pleasant surprise! Similar to apple butter, this thick not-too-sweet peach spread is a nice change from run-of-the-mill jam. I look forward to more—on top of my morning toast or on crackers with my afternoon tea.

The box that I thought was too small ended up holding all this…

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

I was immediately faced with a tastebud-wrenching dilemma. What to eat first??? It became clear when I remembered my ailing chocolate-loving gingersnap-adoring teenage girly upstairs.

COOL STUFF: Try The World Review |

Okay, I’ll admit—it was not possible to remain calm after taking my first sip. The Les Confitures À L’Ancienne paired with the pepparkakor was culinary perfection. I was instantly transported back to Senlis, France, where an equally divine chocolat chaud burned itself into my tongue and brain. My girly wholeheartedly agreed.

And, to complete my Try the World review, my girl and I both proclaim Anna’s Pepparkakors to be the bomb.

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