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Janet Doré | The Wandering [Ex]-Housewife

Janet Dore | TheWanderingHousewife.comDramatically speaking, wandering saved me.

At first, my trips were simply gasps of fresh air during my time as a full-time at-home mom. But, then something began to happen…

I started finding me—and I began to write down my discoveries in Travel Therapy sessions so I would never lose me again. My most precious souvenir from my wanders is authenticity.

No longer a housewife. Forever a mother. Always striving to love harder and be better. I wander to explore, to expand, to unwind, to connect, and to live a full and passionate life. I’m partial to the unique—places, experiences, things and people—and the sharing economy that has been reinvigorated over the past several years.

In discovering myself, I was able to find a professional path that is authentic as well. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not grateful to passionately serve small entrepreneurs as a freelance website designer, writer, and virtual assistant. This site is a “labor” of love—of travel, other cultures, expansion, self expression, and of igniting a fire in others to go find undiscovered parts of themselves throughout the world.

My wanders have led me on a dot-to-dot journey to Playa Venao, Panamá, where I am in the process of planning an exciting expat life and small nature retreat.

Who Am I?

To be unapologetically authentic and live a life filled with love, passion, adventure, bacon-wrapped dates, and a constant stream of new discoveries.

Born in Southern California and raised in Northern California, I returned to the south to attend San Diego State University MANY years ago. I married shortly after graduation, dabbled in real estate for a few years, happily left the office to mom my two kids, and gave my marriage my best shot for almost 20 years.

After my divorce, I reclaimed the self I lost while pleasing and caring for others and started my own virtual assistant and website design company. Today, I work from my living room or wherever I happen to be in the world and keep my empty nest filled with international exchange students. I am actively planning a move to Panamá in 2020.

My plan is to be completely professionally mobile by 2020, at which point I will bid farewell to California, grab my guy’s hand, and commune with howler monkeys by the sea in Panamá.

Be an outstanding mom, run a successful nature retreat, never stop exploring with my guy, check EVERY item off my Wander List, and hit the rocking chair with no major regrets.


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