Best Packing List Apps for Travel

The motivation to write a post on the best packing list apps for travel was initially selfish. It was inspired by a girls’ weekend in Vegas when I arrived with only one pair of pants and no razor, when I took a trip to New York City in spring sans rain boots, and again when I brought the family to Ireland with only one umbrella and not a single pair of waterproof shoes for the kids and I (in my defense, it was July!)

Today, I don’t wander without the use of a packing list app. The tiny investment pays off big, alleviating stress before and after every wander.

There are a couple of key features of any “best” packing list app for me:

  • The ability to customize is a must. As much as I appreciate a good template, I have to be able to add and delete based upon my uniqueness.
  • I also need a Travel To Do List as part of the app. Those last couple of weeks before a trip can wreak havoc on even the best of memories—leaving bills unpaid, pets with second rate care, flights not checked into, or worse.

After conducting online and field research, the following are some of the best packing list apps out there:

Now, get packing! And, remember…

He who would travel happily must travel light. | St.Exupery