San Diego’s Little Italy Festa

San Diego’s Little Italy FESTA is not your typical street fair.

Every October since 1994, the streets of Little Italy are cordoned off and the community morphs into a street fair, art gallery, concert venue and stickball court.

You’ll find the typical mix of vendors and artisans hawking some pretty cool stuff. The food, however, is a giant step up from the usual festival fare—you are in Little Italy, after all. Arrive hungry and enjoy a slice of pizza, a cannoli, and some gelato.

Check the schedule if you want to listen to a Frank or Tony soundalike or catch a stickball game. It’s definitely worth the effort.

But, the highlight of this unique street fair is on the asphalt.

Numerous artists are given a small section of asphalt to transform into a temporary chalk masterpiece. This is a monumental undertaking—requiring major vision, significant planning, and hours of chalking on all fours atop hard asphalt with a blazing sun above you.

A little tip to make this outing even more beautiful—wear comfy shoes and a hat, drive to Coronado’s Ferry Landing, park your car in the lot, hop on the ferry, and hoof it up the hill to Little Italy.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find…