Adams Avenue Restaurants Crawl

I am a proud food glutton who has padded the pockets of many a food tour operator around the world. After my divorce, the hefty price tag of guided tours killed my appetite—so I started creating my own. This is a self-guided Adams Avenue Restaurants Crawl that will have you feeling fat and happy and can fit whatever budget your wallet desires.

Adams Avenue is one of central San Diego’s most trendy streets. Perched above Mission Valley, it passes through the historic neighborhoods of University HeightsNormal Heights and Kensington and is lined with neighborhood eateries, dive bars and public houses, antique shops, and indie boutiques. It’s the ideal street for gorging on gourmet fare, craft beer and wine!

This edible adventure begins on the western terminus of Adams Avenue in University Heights and will eventually extend to the eastern terminus in the quaint community of Kensington. It includes every tried, tested, and truly tasty eatery on the thoroughfare. (If it’s not on this list, it’s because I’m a snobby eater and it didn’t make the cut!)

The tour route is far too far to walk—if you’re determined to stay on foot, just choose a small section of the crawl. You can always drive, but why would you do that when you can bike it? Not only will the calorie burnage justify eating more, it’ll save you the time and hassle of parking your car. (Trust me, it WILL be a hassle.)

My standard food tour advice applies to this Adams Avenue Restaurants Crawl:

  1. Try not to eat for at least 6 hours before starting the tour.
  2. It’s best to limit yourself to ONE item per stop if you want to maximize stops.
  3. Lose the rules. (Dessert CAN come first, in between AND last!)
  4. Be flexible. (Not everything will be open when you go—enjoy what is, pedal past what isn’t!)
ADAMS AVENUE RESTAURANTS CRAWL: Circa Restaurant (University Heights) |
ADAMS AVENUE RESTAURANTS CRAWL: Cueva Bar (University Heights) |
ADAMS AVENUE RESTAURANTS CRAWL: Cafe 21 (University Heights) |
ADAMS AVENUE RESTAURANTS CRAWL: Chi Thai (University Heights) |
ADAMS AVENUE RESTAURANTS CRAWL: Hanna's Gourmet (Normal Heights) |

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